A downloadable dpixel for Windows and macOS

dpixel is a pixel art remastering tool using classic algorithms that can open and export jpg, png and animated gif.

Filters available:

  • hq4x
  • xBR
  • Scale2x
  • Eagle
  • CRT
  • Beads

You can also apply many GPU shaders included (not available to Mac binary yet)

You can find another binaries and source code in https://github.com/marcoc2/dpixel

Feel free to give your feedback or request new features!

Install instructions

Instructions on github wiki: https://github.com/marcoc2/dpixel/wiki


dpixel_0.1.1_windows_msvc_installer.exe 58 MB
dpixel_0.1.1_windows_mingw_x86.zip 23 MB
dpixel_0.1_mac.app.zip 8 MB

Development log